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On Telly

It's two years ago since I was on Sky Arts Portrait of the Year.

The 2020 competition in airing soon, so I thought I'd post this time lapse of the painting I did of actress Vicky McLure. This work got me into the semi-finals, which was a thrill!

Vicky was an amazing sitter - she was present, deep in thought and utterly charming.

It's interesting to see a time-lapse of myself working. There are points when I want to shout instructions at myself: Stop! Look more! Tone down the contrasts!

I think I would do it slightly differently now, but I'm happy enough with it as these things go.

It was such an adrenaline rush to paint so quickly with people watching from every side. I remember feeling quite exhausted afterwards.

I still have this painting and I have been meaning to get in touch with Vicky to see if she would like to have it.

As it happens I'm in another programme at the moment: Creative Company (TG4, Ireland, Thursdays 9pm). It's a bit more excruciating for me to watch myself in this. I'm talking more and trying to present myself with authority (!). I think painting on screen is a bit easier.

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