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Dean Art Studios Portrait Project 2022- 2023

I was awarded a residency at the Dean Art Studios, Dublin in 2022. Since September of that year I have tried to paint portraits of my fellow residents at a rate of about 3 per month. 

I wanted to paint these portraits from quickly, from life. Quickly, because I have other work that I want do do during this residency, and from life because it created a great opportunity to get to know the extraordinary, creative individuals in the building. 

Each sitter was asked to come to my studio for a 3-hour sitting and these face-to face encounters informed the work in a powerful way.  The resulting work makes up a kind of collective portrait of the group and represents a moment in time for the creative life of Dublin. The people I have painted for this project are all outstanding contributors to the arts scene in Dublin.


Each painting is 60x50 cm. The works are painted on gessoed, wooden panels in oil painting. They are arranged almost chronologically. Please refer to my Instagram page for more information on the subjects.

This project culminated in an exhibition at The Dean Art Studios in October 2023 and in a book called IN RESIDENCE that is available from the Shop page of this website. The book contains further details of this project including the full identities of the sitters and written contributions from three artists in the studio. 

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